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EDM machines use industrial grade memory to meet higher requirements

EDM machines use industrial grade memory to meet higher requirements

The main purpose and scope of the EDM machine This equipment is mainly used for the processing of complex cavities and curved shapes of various electrical conductors such as various types of molds and precision parts. It has the characteristics of high processing precision, high smoothness and high speed. The appearance of the EDM machine tool is beautiful and elegant, the structure design is reasonable and compact, and the mechanical structure is firm and strong. The machine tool has strong practical functions in its structural characteristics.

First, the servo feed of the EDM machine

EDM is different from cutting, and it is “no contact processing”. When the EDM machine is in normal electric discharge machining, there is a discharge gap S between the tool and the workpiece. If the gap is too large and the pulse voltage does not penetrate the insulating working fluid between the gaps, no spark discharge will occur. The electrode tool must be fed downward until the gap is equal to or less than a certain value (S=0.01~0.5mm, and In order to break through and generate spark discharge. In normal EDM machining, the workpiece is continuously etched at a speed of Vw, and the gap S is gradually enlarged. The electrode tool must be compensated for the speed v to maintain the required discharge gap. If the feed amount v is greater than the erosion speed Vw of the workpiece, the gap S will gradually become smaller, even equal to zero, forming a short circuit. When the gap is too small, the feed rate v must be reduced. If there is a short circuit between the tool and the workpiece (S = 0), the tool must be quickly retracted at a large speed v, the EDM machine eliminates the short circuit condition, and then re-feeds downward to ensure that there is Correct discharge gap enables EDM to work properly.

Second, the characteristics of EDM machine:

Provide 60 sets of file sizes, and the three-axis coordinates can be switched by metric system;

The EDM machine has a 10-stage automatic trimming function that can:

1. Self-editing: Edit processing conditions according to personal experience;

2. AUTOZ automatic editing: EDM machine gives the maximum depth initial current and thickness processing options, it will automatically edit the machining conditions;

3. Intelligent condition editing: As long as the electrode shape, electrode and workpiece material, electrode cross-sectional area and thickness selection and depth setting are automatically programmed, the above three editing methods can be used in coarse and medium. Finish processing in one go.

The discharge condition is automatically adjusted. When the discharge is unstable, the computer will modify the discharge efficiency and working time by itself. After the stabilization, the discharge condition will be automatically restored, and the processing conditions can be modified at any time during the process.

Automatic anti-carbon detection function, when the carbon deposition processing is unstable, the EDM machine automatically adjusts the processing parameters and increases the slag height, and automatically recovers when it is stable.

The slow-jumping speed and the second-stage beating make the large-area processing stable and the fire pattern uniform, effectively improving the speed of large-area electrode processing.

The EDM machine can program high and low two-stage beating (high jump) to smoothly discharge carbon slag from deep hole or sheet processing to prevent carbon deposition and effectively improve the efficiency of deep hole and sheet processing.

The new design meets the European CE safety specification power box and 15" CRT (display screen), which can be dustproof, waterproof and anti-interference, and improve the life of the electronic board.

The EDM machine uses an industrial-grade PC-BASE controller and replaces the traditional hard disk with DOM new memory. The reading speed is faster and more stable, which is more suitable for industrial use.

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