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EDM small hole machine solutions to some common problems

EDM small hole machine solutions to some common problems

The electric spark hole machine belongs to the electric spark machining (Electro Spark Erosion), also known as the electric discharge machining (Electro Discharge Machining) machine tool.

Working principle: Using a continuous moving thin wire (called electrode wire) as an electrode, the workpiece is subjected to pulse spark discharge to remove metal and cut. Unlike the wire EDM machine and the molding machine, the electrode of the electric pulse is a hollow copper rod. The medium passes through the hole of the copper rod and discharges with the workpiece, and the corroded metal reaches the purpose of perforation, and is used for processing fine pores of super-hard steel, cemented carbide, copper, aluminum and any conductive material.

One: the processing of the electric spark hole machine is unstable

The electrode outlet is deflected and the liquid is not straight, resulting in unstable processing.

This may be caused by a low electrode quality. Replace the electrode.

When machining a deep hole, it is often short-circuited and retracted. It may be that the front end of the electrode is not straight or the center hole of the drill chuck is not concentric with the center hole of the guide. If the tip of the electrode is not straight, please change the direction of the electrode. If the center hole is not the same as the guide, please adjust the concentricity with the adjustment mandrel.

Check that the workpiece and electrode holders are reliable.

The machining voltage cannot be adjusted, or it may be short-circuited or open circuit, and the servo system may be faulty.

Whether the discharge line is connected reliably.

The electrode quality is not high or the workpiece material has slag inclusions, resulting in uneven end loss of the electrode, resulting in electrode skew, which can be used to cut off the oblique part and use better electrode and workpiece material.

Two: EDM small hole machine processing speed is low

First check if the parameter settings are normal.

Check if the working pressure is normal. If it is low, please adjust it to about 7MPA.

Whether the flushing is strong and smooth.

The electrode of the electric spark small hole machine is not straight, and the electrode moves in a circle after being rotated.

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