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Fast wire cutting edm machine threading technique

Fast wire cutting edm machine threading technique

With the understanding of fast wire cutting, there is no skill in threading, and it depends on proficiency. If the hole is too small, you can insert a wire from above to wear it, or fold the wire in half and then use the copper tube to make a hook to hook the wire. Wire-cut molybdenum wire is stacked in one way:

1. The bearings of the two guide wheels at the height of the storage drum are loose, please replace them.

2, the position of the two guide wheels is different, please adjust.

3, the silk is too loose, please tighten the wire.

4, fast wire cutting edm machine conductive block is wire, please flip or replace the conductive block.

5, cutting speed is too fast, please face up.

Engaged in the teaching of WEDM, I have summarized some silk loading techniques for many years:

1. The necessary tension should be connected during the wire loading process. The wire must be held by hand to hold the molybdenum wire wheel with a certain tension. If there is no tension, the wire will be loose and the wire will slide out of the guide wheel.

2, wire into the reverse wheel The installed molybdenum wire should be inserted into the guide wheel to prevent friction between the molybdenum wire and the frame to cause damage to the frame, and at the same time drop the operational life of the molybdenum wire.

3, there must be enough wire length wire cutting processing edge wire cylinder is a kind of cross-winding wire barrel width should be at least one-half of the width of the wire barrel is slightly smaller than the width of the wire barrel.

4. The connecting wire is perpendicular to the table. After the wire is entangled and tensioned, the verticality of the electrode wire should be adjusted and adjusted. In the production practice, most of them are simple and pure tools. (such as a square ruler, a cylindrical ruler or a hexahedron of a rail), based on the working surface (or the fixture table placed on it), the visual inspection of the gap between the electrode wire and the tool profile is consistent, and the adjustment is until the gap is high. .

5, after the fast wire cutting wire is installed, it is necessary to tighten the individual EDM wire cutting machine from the beginning. The wire cutting machine has no tensioning and disassembly. The wire cutting machine is not tensioned and disassembled before processing. Wire cutting wire fills the storage tube as much as possible! Since the wire winding is short, the frequency of commutation is too large (and the commutation is not discharged), and the normal working time is less!

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