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Grinder manufacturer: milling machine milling dovetail method

The milling machine is a new type of universal milling machine that has been carefully modified on the basis of the machine tool. Its workbench is widened to 360mm, lengthened to 1500mm, stroke length is 800mm or 1000mm, etc. This machine has all the advantages, suitable for milling with a variety of bar milling cutters, circular milling cutters and angle milling cutters. , bevels, grooves, etc. The following describes the method of milling the dovetail groove.

(1) The milling cutter selects the dovetail groove and the dovetail to be milled by dovetail slot milling cutter. The angle of the selected milling cutter should be the same as the groove angle of the dovetail groove. The width of the milling cone should be larger than the width of the inclined surface of the dovetail groove. In the case of single piece production, if there is no suitable dovetail milling cutter, it can be milled with a single angle milling cutter with the same dovetail groove angle.

(2) The X6036B universal milling machine is divided into two steps: milling the dovetail slot and the dovetail. Among them: one is the vertical groove of the dovetail groove and the step of the dovetail on the vertical milling machine with end mill or end mill; the other is to mill the dovetail groove or dovetail with the dovetail slot milling cutter on the vertical milling machine. When milling a dovetail groove or a dovetail with a single-angle milling cutter, the angle of inclination of the vertical milling head should be equal to the angle of the dovetail groove. Due to the large deflection angle of the vertical milling head, the length of the cutter bar for installing the single-angle milling cutter should be appropriately lengthened.

(3) Milling the straight groove with the inclined dovetail groove, and then using the dovetail milling cutter to mill the dovetail groove and the side inclined plane parallel to the direction of the linear motion, then loosen the platen to adjust the workpiece to the specified slope. The feed direction is at an oblique angle, and the other side of the dovetail groove is milled after the workpiece is tightened.

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