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How is the automation of the spark machine?

Let us tell you about the degree of automation of the spark edm machine, we can know that their degree of automation is very high, and its labor intensity is also very low, then such CNC machine tools for machining parts are made up of The programmed program is automatic, except for the keyboard operation placed in the middle or perforation, the workpiece handling and key process detection and observation machine operation, no complicated repeated manual operation, labor intensity and tension are greatly reduced, plus CNC machine tools are generally With better safety protection, automatic chip conveyor, automatic cooling and automatic lubrication, the operator's working conditions have also been greatly improved. So we do not need to worry about this problem. The production efficiency of such products is also very high, because the spindle speed and feed range of CNC machine tools are higher than ordinary machine tools. Therefore, CNC machine tools have selected the most favorable cutting parameters in each process. The rigid structure allows heavy-duty cutting and improves the cutting force of CNC machine tools. It also saves us a lot of time and efficiency. This is the biggest advantage that spark machines bring us.

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