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How to make high efficiency and safe production of spark machine

The die sinking edm machine is a processing equipment for forming high-temperature corrosion workpieces in the positive and negative moments. It can generate voltages above 10,000 volts during discharge. How to safely and efficiently produce sparks, please operate as follows:

First, use:

1. Connect the power supply as required, set the voltage adjustment knob to “zero” position, close the power switch, the power indicator light is on, press the start button, the high voltage indicator light is on; the first time on the shift to warm up for 3-5 minutes;

2. Turn the emergency switch on, then let the three axes of the spark machine return to the origin;

3. Turn the voltage adjustment knob clockwise, set the voltmeter indication value to the required detection voltage, and the machine starts to work;

4. A six-position electromagnetic counter with a reset button is used to record the number of faults in the full length of the test cable;

5. A red text will appear on the fault detection screen. At this time, it is necessary to check carefully according to the spark machine operation manual fault check plan;

Second, note:

6. After the die sinking edm machine is transported to the test site, it must be fixed with the foot screws at the determined position. The machine must be connected to the ground wire and the machine level should be checked every three months.

7. The cable core to be tested shall be connected to the grounding pole of the spark tester;

8. Every day after work, it is necessary to wash the internal electrode head of the workbench with spark oil to prevent rust;

9. Always wipe the machine to keep it clean, use the hair dryer to blow off the dust inside the sparking electromechanical box to prevent the particles from conducting electricity and burning the circuit board.

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