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Low efficiency of spark machining

Machining center manufacturers: Low efficiency of spark machining

Die Sinking EDM machine processing efficiency is low

1) The initial discharge processing efficiency is low-----the electrode size scaling amount (spark position) is large, and the automatic programming can select the condition number of the larger current. The cavity should be pre-milled as much as possible.

2) The efficiency of the EDM machine section in the middle of the program is low-----the margin between the conditions of each section is too much, and the machining allowance between the sections can be appropriately reduced.

3) The final fine discharge machining section of the program is inefficient—use the timing machining function to effectively control the finishing time (the machining time needs to be set).

4) The area input is too small ----- The system uses the area as the limit threshold. Even if the electrode size is larger, the large discharge condition will not occur due to the small area. In such cases, the input area value can be artificially increased.

5) The application type is not selected correctly—for example, the actual “micro” application type is selected for the processing of large cavities.

6) Processing priority ----- Selecting low loss priority is inefficient, and selecting high efficiency priority is fast and the loss is too large.

7) The combination of discharge and lifting knife is unreasonable ----- according to the processing state, adjust the height of the lifting knife and the discharge time to match.

8) Optimize the parameters ---- reduce the pulse gap P and increase the servo reference COMP.

9) Improve the process ---- use graphite electrodes to greatly improve the overall production efficiency.


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