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Machining center manufacturer: Carbon deposition in the process of die sinking EDM

The die sinking EDM machine produces carbon deposits during processing. This phenomenon has a great impact on the processed products, especially for the processing of some molds, which will directly damage the mold parts. Therefore, as a technical professional of spark machine manufacturers, we must know how to solve the carbon deposit failure phenomenon of the spark machine. Although SAMMLITE's spark edm machine is of good quality and is not easy to produce carbon deposits, it will be used for a long time, so users who use sparks should pay special attention.

    The cause of the carbon deposition phenomenon in the die sinking EDM machine: the discharge of the spark machine is abnormal, and the main cause of the discharge abnormality is the improper selection of the electric rules.

    The occurrence of carbon deposit in the EDM machine occurs in the finishing process because the discharge gap is small during the finishing process, and slagging is not easy. Therefore, when adjusting the electrical parameters, the discharge state should be observed as the standard. In the case of unstable discharge, the discharge time should be shortened, the lift height should be increased, the pulse width should be reduced, the pulse gap should be increased, and the servo pressure should be reduced. Small. In roughing, the peak current should not be too large when the processing area is small. In addition, flushing oil also has a great impact. Inappropriate oil flushing mode and oil pressure make the electric corrosion material unable to be discharged smoothly, which makes the discharge state unstable and causes arc discharge.

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