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Machining Center Manufacturer: Several Advantages of Spark Machines

1. CNC EDM machine plans two side repair graphics (square and round) and two methods (repair and no bottom). The sharp-edged rectangular shape is selected from the flat-bottom side repair plan, and the round or multi-curved oval shape is selected from the flat-bottomed round side repair plan. In the side repair process, the east and west electrodes move into the workpiece at a point of view. At this moment, the east and west electrodes are together from the center to the outside (X direction and Y direction), from top to bottom (Z direction), and the NC is actively controlled, that is, the three axes are linked. This kind of movement method is not easy to deposit carbon, and the exhausting of the chip is simple, does not form arcing, has high production power, and the uniformity of the side surface and the bottom surface are uniform, and the single-axis translational head electric spark machining method reduces the labor intensity.

2. The X-axis axial machining of the CNC EDM machine has the common advantages, the clamping precision is high, and the yield can be improved by 20% compared with the Z-axis machining.

3. CNC EDM machine is suitable for lifting the knife. The erosion introduced in the basic principle of electric machining needs to be cleaned up in time to reach the balance between attack and sweeping, otherwise it will not work normally and affect the processing power. Usually, the punctual lifting knife is to raise the knife regardless of the time in the cavity. The so-called self-adhesive lifting knife is that the erosion in the cavity is larger than the discharge when the attack is stable, and the knife is not lifted; when the internal cavity erosion is greater than the discharge, the balance is broken. At this moment, the machine tool actively lifts the knife and uses the working fluid. The suction effect discharges the remaining eclipse, and when the balance is reached or the discharge is greater than the attack, the lifting knife is stopped and the power is improved.

4. When the CNC EDM machine is working, the arc or the etched material is not discharged smoothly, and the false short circuit is formed to form a fire. When there is a pattern of arcing or false short circuit in the cavity, the resistance between the electrode and the workpiece is in a state of neither short circuit nor open circuit. The energy of the power source continuously releases heat energy in the electrode and the workpiece, and the temperature of the east and west electrodes is higher and higher. As a result, a fire was formed with the fire oil. In order to be safe, the machine adds special control to the control circuit. When the arc or false short circuit occurs, the power supply is blocked immediately, and the energy is supplied to the cavity. The temperature of the electrode does not continuously increase, which reduces the fire attack. were able.

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