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Machining Center Manufacturer: Analysis of Signal Interference of Spark EDM Machine

The spark EDM machine is generally used as an auxiliary equipment, and the high-frequency discharge is also used to corrode the workpiece, and the high frequency interferes with the intelligent error correction controller. Interference, in general, is an indeterminate and harmful electrical transient that occurs during signal input, transmission, and output, independent of the signal.

Spark EDM machine interference source is generally power supply interference. Due to the wide coverage of the power grid, there are multiple devices sharing a power grid, especially the internal changes of the power grid, power switch operation, lightning surge, large power equipment start and stop, AC and DC transmission caused by harmonics. Waves, grid short-circuit transients, etc., are transmitted to the primary side of the power supply through the transmission line, causing the voltage to temporarily change, resulting in grid voltage fluctuations. In addition, the power line also generates noise and fast transient bursts during the transmission process, polluting the power grid. It may also be that radiation interferes with electromagnetic or electric fields that are ubiquitous in nature. In addition to the electric field, the spark machine in operation is also affected by the magnetic field. During the operation of the EDM machine, due to the harsh working environment, electromagnetic interference is inevitably affected.

Interference spark edm between digital signal and analog signal In the working process, due to the large number of devices involved in the whole set of equipment, there are AC380V, AC220V AC signals, and various low-voltage DC signals of DV24V and DC5V. The cable used to transmit signals may cause malfunctions due to interference from analog signal output devices or interference generated by servo drives or inverters during the routing process, affecting the normal operation of the device; used to transfer I/O inputs/outputs The frequency of the signal is disturbed by the clock frequency and harmonics, and the improper wiring of the line makes the digital signal line and the analog signal line inevitably interfere with the external interference signal. The various signal lines also pass through the line coupling. And so on.

Due to the interference of various interference sources, some transient phenomena will occur, which will cause the data in the spark machine to change during the transmission process, increase the error, and cause abnormal conditions in the local device or the whole system, causing malfunction.

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