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Milling machine machining flexible system

1) The number of special fixtures is large, and the scope of the fixture is narrow.

Milling machines need to process a large number of structural parts with profiles as raw materials in subcontracting projects and large aircraft development.

Due to the uncertainty of subcontracting tasks, and the large domestic aircraft are still in the process of development, the number of parts is small but there are many types. In order to ensure the quality of the processing, special fixtures have been developed for each part.

The pedestal is a relatively bulky casting with low positioning accuracy. The workshop tool library and even the workshop floor are full of various types of fixtures. When converting from one part to another,

The recombination conversion time of the fixture is about 2h, which seriously affects the production efficiency. Large monolithic structural parts on aircraft, such as integral skins and siding, are still partially milled and trimmed with large die tires.

The mold tire is designed and manufactured with high cost and speciality. A large number of mold tires occupy the plant area, and the backlog of the warehouse is serious.

2) Lack of computer-aided fixture assembly system and fixture production process management system.

At present, the fixture design or fixture assembly plan is basically carried out manually. Designers are labor intensive and inefficient; design quality depends on personal experience and habits.

The quality is unstable and the standardization is poor. It is time-consuming and laborious to find the fixture components and assemble the fixtures. The management of the fixture production process is confusing, and there is a lack of classification and retrieval methods for fixtures and fixture components.

For new structural parts, there may be suitable tooling, but because it is difficult to find, or find similar tooling, there is no scientific way to guide assembly.

Designers often end up redesigning and manufacturing with existing fixtures or fixture components, which results in huge waste. After the assembly jig completes the workpiece processing task, it cannot be disassembled and arbitrarily arranged in time.

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