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Spark EDM machine manufacturer: How to do tool passivation in machining center?

Everyone should know that the CNC tool used in the machining center is as fast as possible. However, what you may not know is that the tool should be passivated before it leaves the factory. The following machining center will introduce you. a bit.

The tool will be sharpened by the grinding wheel before it is placed in the product, but the sharpening process will form different degrees of micro-notch. The micro-notch of the machining center for high-speed cutting can be easily expanded to accelerate tool wear and damage. The modern cutting skills have strict requirements on the stability and precision of the tool. Therefore, the CNC tool must pass the passivation treatment of the knife edge before coating to ensure the firmness and service life of the coating.

What are the advantages of tool passivation?

1. Resist the physical wear of the tool

During the cutting process, the appearance of the tool will be gradually consumed by the workpiece. During the cutting process, the cutting edge is prone to plastic deformation under high temperature and high pressure. The passivation of the tool helps the tool to be progressively rigid and prevents the tool from losing prematurely.

2. Adhere to the finish of the workpiece

A burr on the cutting edge of the tool can cause the tool to wear and the appearance of the machined workpiece can become rough. After passivation, the cutting edge of the tool will become very lubricated, the chipping phenomenon will be reduced accordingly, and the surface finish of the workpiece will be improved.

3. Convenient groove chip removal

Polishing the tool groove can improve the appearance quality and chip removal function. The flatter the surface of the groove is, the better the chip removal is, and the more connected cutting process can be completed.

After passivation and polishing, the CNC tool of the machining center will leave many small holes in the outer surface. When machining, these small holes can absorb more cutting fluid, which greatly reduces the heat generated during cutting, which greatly improves the cutting process. speed.

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