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Spark edm machine with better thermal stability, long life and high value

Due to its high flash point and low viscosity, the spark edm machine can clear the discharge channel, quickly discharge slag, and precipitate metal particles and carbon powder. Moreover, the aromatic hydrocarbon content is low and the oxidation stability is good, so that the thermal stability is better, the service life is long, and the use value is high. 1: Under the premise that the flash point is as high as possible, the viscosity is low. Because the low-viscosity oil has good permeability and good thermal conductivity during electrical processing, the secondary discharge of metal or graphite particles on the surface of the workpiece is less likely to occur between the electrode and the workpiece.

Welcome friends from all walks of life to negotiate with the factory to greatly enhance the role of ZNC EDM. The precision CNC translation head is connected to the spark machine, which can change the translational amount and the sidewall trimming amount to control the discharge side gap. And can automatically stop processing at the end of the translation. The precision CNC translation head is digitally controlled by a single-chip microprocessor and has all the functions of a mechanical translation head. Suitable for a variety of different types of spark-bed installation. Large electrode weight: 30KGXY moving stroke: 0. 001mm-4.999mm reciprocating accuracy: 0.

The translation head has a reaming effect. When the workpiece is required to be too small, the required translational machining is set to meet the machining requirements of the workpiece. The translation head has a significant effect on the workpiece finish, especially the side of the workpiece cavity is still obvious. The discharge mechanical type translation head ZX-50B is driven by a stepping motor. It has a simple structure and high precision and is suitable for installation and use of various types of spark machine tools. Large electrode weight: 50KG large translational momentum: ±1mm small translational momentum: ±0.

Tool electrodes are commonly used to resist electro-erosion materials such as copper, graphite, copper-tungsten alloys and molybdenum, which have good electrical conductivity, high melting point and easy processing. During the machining process, the tool electrode also has losses, but less than the amount of metal removed from the workpiece, even close to no loss. As the discharge medium, the discharge working fluid also plays the role of cooling and chip removal during the processing. Commonly used working fluids are mediums with low viscosity, high flash point and stable performance, such as kerosene, deionized water and emulsion.

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