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Types of spark edm machine

The types of spark edm machine 

  1. mirror spark machine, is a spark machine that can produce mirror effect. It is the best spark machine today. The mold can be processed without using the mold, which can be directly used in production, saving labor and improving. The efficiency, and the high precision of the mirror spark machine, especially in the application of precision molds. The cost of mirror sparks is high. The number of imported mirror sparks is as low as seven or eight hundred thousand, and the high is over one million. In recent years, China has introduced a mirror spark machine, which is a joint venture with foreign mirror spark machine manufacturers.

  2. plastic mold electric discharge machine, which is our more common spark machine, mainly used for electrical discharge machining of plastic molds, is more common in China, cheap, widely used, the average price does not exceed 100,000.

  3. fine hole discharge machine, It is also a kind of electric spark. Its main use is for punching. It is to make a hole in the mold.

  4. There are also some special machines, such as graphite, which specializes in tungsten steel.

  5. ZNC spark machine, Z-axis CNC, X-axis and Y-axis manual, is a more practical spark machine!

  6. CNC spark machine, XYZ three-axis CNC. CNC spark machine with automatic model, automatic centering, automatic programming, G code programming, three-axis linkage discharge and many other functions.

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