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What are the operating steps of the EDM machine and the spark machine?

What are the operating steps of the EDM machine and the spark die sinking edm machine? How to operate the EDM machine, die sinking edm machine, EDM machine, spark machine operation steps:

1. The EDM machine first checks the main power switch ON.

2. Install the electrode and the collet, correct the vertical and parallel reference, place the workpiece on the magnet table, and correct the parallel reference and then magnetically fix it.

3. Use the electrode to find the X.Y coordinate of the discharge position of the workpiece. When searching for the edge, set AT to OA, PA20μS~45μS.

4. Polarity selection (copper is positive and workpiece is negative).

5. Current AT adjustment, discharge time PA match, extensive (electrode single side gap 0.12) ATS~45A, PA60s~120μs, the specific conditions should be determined by the size of the discharge electrode area, when the discharge area is small, the rough can be used 1.5A90μS ( When the thickness is less than 1mm2, the electrode is too worn; the fine electrode (the electrode has a single side gap of 0.04), AT1.5~SA.PA20μS~60μs, and the discharge area of the fine discharge is large, first put the sidewall to 0.1 with AT1.5PA60μS. When using left and right, use AT3A. PA30μS for 0.030, then use AT1.5A. PA30μS to 0.005, and finally unilaterally repair 0.025 (AT1.5A PA30μS).

6. Rest time PB, discharge gap voltage adjustment, PB3~4 when rough, gap voltage is adjusted to 3 or 4, PB is adjusted to 5 or 6 during fine repair, and the gap voltage is adjusted to 5 or 6.

7. Servo strength, shaking setting, when the machine is coarse, the servo is adjusted to 6 or 7, and the lowering time of the head is set to 5\4 or 4\4 respectively. When finely placed, the servo is adjusted to 5, and the head up and down movement time is set to 5\2 or 6\3 respectively.

8. Turn on the level control switch (the indicator light flashes when turned on), and the sleep switch is turned on (the indicator light is on when it is turned on).

9. Manual servo feed, reach the Z-axis reference plane position, set the discharge depth, input the data at the moment when the electrode is in full contact with the workpiece during the depth setting, and then perform Z-axis correction according to the difference. (Do not press the F1 switch down to set the depth).

10. Processing hydraulic motor ON, oil position adjustment.

11. Discharge switch is ON.

12. Observe the V meter, the A table index, and whether the servo stability indicator is stable.

13. Confirm that the discharge position is correct.

14. The finished workpiece electrode and associated image files are placed in the corresponding indicated positions.

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