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Grinder manufacturers: how to choose the corresponding abrasive for CNC cylindrical grinding machine

How to choose the abrasive corresponding to CNC cylindrical grinding machine

In recent years, due to the tremendous development of defense, aviation, high-speed rail, automobile, mold, machinery processing and other industries, the domestically produced CNC internal grinding machine has not been able to meet the needs of domestic machinery processing enterprises, resulting in domestic enterprises importing foreign CNC inner circle. grinder. The high-speed, composite, refined and high-end of the domestic CNC internal grinding machine is the development direction of the domestic surface grinding machine.

CNC cylindrical grinding machines are the mainstream products of the grinding machine industry. Moreover, it is very common in mold factories and metal processing factories, and has become a common equipment for technicians in the mechanical industry. However, in the operation of cylindrical grinding machines, the selection of abrasives is very important. So let's talk about how to choose the abrasive corresponding to the CNC cylindrical grinding machine?

1. Selection of abrasives for cylindrical grinding machines

For corundum or non-hardened steel rolls, corundum grinding wheels are used; while chilled cast iron rolls, rubber rolls, copper rolls, and granite rolls use silicon carbide grinding wheels. For the steel rolls of different materials, the corundum grinding wheel should be matched to obtain higher grinding precision and surface quality. For example, alloy steel rolls use chrome corundum (PA) grinding wheels, heat-resistant alloy steel rolls use zirconium corundum (ZA) grinding wheels, and stainless steel rolls use single crystal corundum (SA).

2. Selection of grinding wheel size of cylindrical grinding machine

For coarse grinding, coarse-grained (24~60) grinding wheels are used; fine-grained (60~100) grinding wheels are used for fine grinding; 150-grain grinding wheels are used for precision grinding; for super-fine grinding or mirror grinding, fine powder is generally used (W63) ~W14) Grinding wheel.

3. Selection of hardness of cylindrical grinding wheel

The harder the grinding roll surface, the softer the choice of grinding wheel hardness.

In our socialized production and construction, there are many mechanical devices. These mechanical devices can greatly reduce the labor intensity of everyone, and they can also save resources very well, and they can also be very good in everyone’s production. Good to improve production efficiency, thus creating greater benefits for the production and socialization of the factory. Therefore, the positioning standard of the CNC cylindrical grinding machine determines the subsequent processing to ensure quality and efficiency.

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